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Comsoft has dedication to every client's success, innovation that matters for our company and for the world. We have earned Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships through our recognizing approach towards the specific needs of the client.

We are expert in small and medium business IT Solutions

As the world has become a global village and changes occur in IT every other day, we stay updated with new products and services to face the challenges with all the necessary tools and solutions.

Its our passion at Comsoft to visualize success in every way possible as it brings all the satisfaction in form of revenue and acknowledgement by the clients and customers who acquire our services.

Who we are ?

COMSOFT is being run by a team of professionally educated people, who keep the customer abreast of the latest changes / information evolving in computer world which bless increased client satisfaction through improved technology at reduced cost.

COMSOFT is pleased to express it enjoys the status of that there are qualified engineer taking care of maintenance ant troubleshooting tasks. For assembling of computers, installation, development of software, maintenance & troubleshooting, professionally educated staff is always available to serve in any situation. Qualified and experience Engineer / Technicians have the problem solving approach through their experience and skill.

What’s New?

  • Jan , 2010 -Embassy of Libya Website Launched
  • Feb, 2010 -Comsoft won Online Security System Contract from Relaince Group
  • July, 2010 - Contract Signed with Arabi Engineering Libya for SMS software..
  • Aug, 2010 -Security System installed in Comwave Campuses.
  • Sept, 2010 - Launch of SMS Software
  • Oct, 2010 - Contract Signed with Apples Grooming School for MIS software
  • Nov, 2010 - Launch of Reliance Group Website.